The word LUXIGLU is derived from two English words, viz.: “Luxurious” and “Igloo” a term used to refer to an Eskimo’s house.

The Luxiglu logo was designed by Nuttah Mumbi in 2013 to symbolize the magnificence of merging engineering, construction and landscaping.

Luxiglu was incorporated on the 12th day of June in the year 2015 as Luxiglu Investment Limited. It is a registered trademark under the laws of Zambia as of the year 2016.


To be a world class product and service provider

Mission Statement

Improve living standards of people by being an influential employer and innovator 






Our Businesses

1. Luxiglu Investment

2. Luxiglu Network


Nuttah Mumbi is a Professional Civil Engineer with over four years of experience in different Zambian Local Authorities at management level. She also has experience in the water sector. Her industry experience ranges from transportation engineering to buildings, water, and sanitation. Nuttah was named 2021 UPG Sustainability Leader for her contribution towards SDGs 9 and 11 to foster innovation and infrastructure development for sustainable cities and communities through Luxiglu, an organization she founded. Additionally, she is a Speaker, Investor and Writer. A 2017 YALI RLC SA Alumna and 2016 UN Women Global Champion for Change, Nuttah has featured in articles and magazines like the Engineering Institution of Zambia Echo. 

Emmaria Mumbi is an Economist with a Bachelor of Economics. She has over two years of work experience in Banking, Finance and Insurance. Emmaria is also an experienced Marketer with a proven record of closing sales deals with a diverse clientele from all walks of life. She also owns a website where she writes on Finance, www.emmaria.art.blog.