Luxiglu Network


Luxiglu network is a multi-disciplinary engineering company that was founded in October 2020 and officially incorporated as a limited company in May 2021. It is an innovation- based company that started active operations in February, 2023. 

The word LUXIGLU is derived from two English words, viz; "Luxurious" and "Igloo" (aka Iglu), a term used to refer to an Eskimo's house. The Luxiglu logo was designed in 2013 to symbolize the magnificence of merging engineering, construction and landscaping.

"After over four years of industry experience, surveying and researching on how most small and medium enterprises in the construction industry are run and the quality of their products and services in Zambia, I realized that most of them struggle to deliver good quality works and build capacity of their companies. The construction industry in Zambia has experienced lots of backlash in the recent past pertaining to substandard works that have surfaced on the scene on both private and public properties. Zambia is a low- medium income country just like many other developing countries. This therefore means that majority of the population though pro real estate investment, would want to do so at the most affordable cost as can be. In these four years of deliberate observation on the construction industry, I can also safely say that many people are constantly seeking information on the most affordable and best construction practices for their construction projects. In a bid to contribute to preserving the little ounce of dignity left of the construction industry as well as to help achieve SDGs 9 and 11, I decided to start up this company that will provide a hub for all construction enthusiasts."

----------THE FOUNDER-----------


To be a world class product and service provider

Mission Statement

Improve living standards of people by being an influential employer and innovator 







At Luxiglu Network Limited, we are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices in the construction industry. Our designs emphasize the use of eco-friendly materials, energy efficiency, and minimal environmental impact. We collaborate with industry-leading researchers to identify and implement innovative solutions that contribute to a greener, more resilient future.


-Building Material Analysis

-Advanced Construction Techniques

-Sustainable Infrastructure Development

-Climate Change Adaptation in Construction


-Structural Design and Analysis

-Geotechnical Engineering

-Transportation Engineering

-Environmental Engineering

-Water Resource Engineering

-Construction Management


-Project Management

-Construction Management Courses

-Green Building and Sustainability Workshops

-AutoCAD and BIM Training

-Safety and Compliance Training

-Leadership and Team Building Programs


-Content Creation and Curation

-Influencer Partnerships

-Online Community Building

-Analytics and Performance Tracking


-Curated Selection of Safety Gear

-High-Quality Casual Workwear

-Trusted Brands and Manufacturers

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